Store Multiple Key Files

EthSigner supports file-based signing using multiple V3 keystore files. Each account that signs transactions requires a key file.

The key file must follow the required naming convention, and have an accompanying password file. Create the required files in a directory and use the multifile-based-signer subcommand to specify the directory location.


EthSigner does not support using multiple key signers with Hashicorp Vault or Azure Key Vault.

The key file name must contain the account address and follow the [<prefix>]<accountAddress>.key format. The password file must have an identical name and end with the .password extension. No two key files can have the same key address in the file name, even if the prefix differs.

In the example the account address is prefixed with the date. The 0x portion of the account address must be removed.





Use the export-address Hyperledger Besu subcommand to obtain the account address of the node.