Running EthSigner from Docker Image

A Docker image is provided to run EthSigner in a Docker container.


  • Docker

  • MacOS or Linux


    The Docker image does not run on Windows.


Display the EthSigner command line help using the Docker image:


latest runs the latest cached version. To pull the latest version, use docker pull pegasyseng/ethsigner:latest.

Expose Listening Port

Exposing the listening port is required to use the default listening port (8545) or the port specified using --http-listen-port.

To run EthSigner exposing listening port for access:

docker run -p <listenPort>:8545 pegasyseng/ethsigner:latest <options>


To run EthSigner using file-based signing using the default listing port and 8590 as the downstream port:

docker run -p <listenPort>:8545 -v <~/myKeyFile>:/opt/ethsigner/keyfile -v <~/myPasswordFile>:/opt/ethsigner/passwordfile pegasyseng/ethsigner:latest --chain-id=2018 --downstream-http-host=<PantheonHost> --downstream-http-port=8590 --http-listen-host= file-based-signer -k /opt/ethsigner/keyfile -p /opt/ethsigner/passwordfile