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You are reading EthSigner development version documentation and some displayed features may not be available in the stable release. You can switch to stable version using the version box at screen bottom.

Run EthSigner from Docker image

A Docker image is provided to run EthSigner in a Docker container.


  • Docker

  • MacOS or Linux


    The Docker image does not run on Windows.


Display the EthSigner command line help using the Docker image:

docker run pegasyseng/ethsigner:latest --help


latest runs the latest cached version. To pull the latest version, use docker pull pegasyseng/ethsigner:latest.

Expose listening port

To use the default listening port (8545) or the port specified using --http-listen-port, you must expose the listening port.

To run EthSigner exposing listening port for access:

docker run -p <listenPort>:8545 pegasyseng/ethsigner:latest <options>


To run EthSigner using file-based signing using the default listing port and 8590 as the downstream port:

docker run -p <listenPort>:8545 -v <~/myKeyFile>:/opt/ethsigner/keyfile -v <~/myPasswordFile>:/opt/ethsigner/passwordfile pegasyseng/ethsigner:latest --chain-id=2018 --downstream-http-host=<PantheonHost> --downstream-http-port=8590 --http-listen-host= file-based-signer -k /opt/ethsigner/keyfile -p /opt/ethsigner/passwordfile
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