Use multiple signing keys

Each account that signs transactions requires a key. EthSigner supports multiple keys stored in:

Each key requires a separate TOML file that defines the parameters to access the key. The TOML files must be placed in a single directory specified using the multikey-signer --directory subcommand.


Files can be added or removed from the directory without needing to restart EthSigner.

The TOML file name must use the format [<prefix>]<accountAddress>.toml. The prefix can be anything you want. No two TOML files can have the same key address in the file name, even if the prefix differs.

The 0x portion of the account address must be removed. For example, 78e6e236592597c09d5c137c2af40aecd42d12a2.toml


Use the export-address Hyperledger Besu subcommand to obtain the account address of the node.